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You need to know as much as possible about the home or other property you are buying in order to be certain that no one else can claim legal ownership of the property now or at any point in the future. Conducting title research and preparing an abstract of title are critical steps in this process, and they must be completed properly before you can move forward in the buying process.

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What Is the Abstract of Title?

An abstract of title documents a property title’s entire history based on information derived from various government records. It provides a timeline of ownership, as well as a summary of all liens and encumbrances that may have been applied to the property. An abstract of title must be compiled and certified as complete and accurate by the abstractor in order for the buyer to secure a title insurance policy on the property.

Abstracting Services

The ultimate goal of conducting title research is to provide you with official documentation that certifies your property has a clear title. A clear title is a property title that is free from issues that could put ownership in jeopardy, including boundary disputes or easements.

We will perform thorough checks for a clear title as we help you through the homebuying process. If any issues arise during the title search, we will make sure your title insurance will protect your investment. Title insurance protects the lender and covers the buyer up to the value of the mortgage if a defect is found. Through an owner’s title insurance policy, the title insurance company will pay outstanding balances in such an event, as well as the amount of equity up to the total purchase price.

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